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Killer Offer from Designrr is back…
I took advantage as the lifetime deal is phenomenal if you want easy ways to create lead gen’ materials as well as engaging content ..$27 Lifetime Deal – normally $324 p.a.  (… and as a bonus, you also get access to their affiliate scheme, so can pay for itself many times over!)

Converting your content into an interesting ebook that people ‘want’ to read seems easy – but its time-consuming. The great news is that most of the content for your ebook is already online.

The problem is it takes a lot of time making a professionally styled ebook, and most people resort to outsourcing with really bad results. In the end you waste $500 on something you can’t use.

The solution is a cool online tool called Designrr.

This software will take any webpage and convert it into a stunning ebook…and there’s a whole load more of extras, including upgrade options to ‘agency’ deal which allows you create content for your own clients.

Here’s the link again to check out the full details before you buy
Click for details of Designrr $27 Lifetime Deal and how it works

Also, there are some awesome FREE but limited bonuses (I cannot guarantee availability)

just click on the link and scroll down to see all the bonus offers…plus on ordering, you also get access to Kudani Content Creation too..

ALL are great value. Enjoy!

NB: Total transparency here – I am promoting this product because I think it is one of the best value tools out there for digital marketers, but I do receive commission on sales through my page, but this does not affect the price you pay.

If you are unhappy with that, feel free to go direct to Designrr, but you will have to clear you cache as you will have been ‘cookied’.

Any questions, send me a message. Thank you ☺


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