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10 Top Tips from The Marketing Coach

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As there is soooo much to cover, rather than focus on ONE area of marketing,

I’ve split this into 3 sections, just to get the ball rolling…

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Growing Your Facebook Following (Your Page)

From experience of growing a facebook page with my wife, from ZERO to over ¼ million followers in just 2 years,

(check out Prosperity Mindfulness Facebook Page ),  there are some key out-takes that continue to hold true…

  1. It takes TIME & COMMITMENT – it can be slow to start (the 1st 100, first 1000 page followers is going to be frustrating) … as has been said plenty of times, for most of us, there is NO QUICK FIX to become a Bizillionaire through social media (check out some of those stories of the NOW successful – chances are, it was YEARS of TRYING, FAILING, LEARNING, GROWING, SUCCEEDING )
  2. Content is still king – provide what your audience enjoy seeing, but don’t be fooled into thinking that generating LIKES is the key. It is not. ENGAGEMENT is the most important factor; that means COMMENTS & SHARES on your posts.
  3. Post to a REGULAR schedule, if starting out and not much time to create a lot of content, then just post at regular intervals.. this might only be once a day, but consistent frequency is better than irregular, random posts… the facebook algorithm will pick up on your regularity.
  4. Mix it up: don’t just stick to one type of post.. blend status updates with picture posts, videos (especially videos as facebook favours these over all else right now) and blog posts. Facebook loves unique content, so get creative.. it’s easier than you think to create awesome looking picture posts and videos. Blogs are also great if you are writing regularly to promote your own webpage, but be mindful that facebook prefers to keep you on their platform.. so too many links away from the platform will negatively impact. If you want the algorithm to love you…
    1. Create your own content
    2. Share from other pages that are bigger than you, but congruent with your messages / audience (BE SURE to credit the share by tagging the page, but
    3. Don’t download others’ posts and then upload as your own… accredit the authors (it takes a LOT of work, time and some money to create awesome, unique content)
    4. avoid posting to YouTube with direct links
    5. posting direct to affiliate / promo links won’t do you any favours

If you are serious about GROWING (or even starting) your Facebook page and really want to learn how and join a group full of heart-centered business owners, take a look at this FREE live training How2Grow Your Facebook following with Expert Tuition

Here’s a couple simple free resources to create content: Canva FREE graphic software for making picture posts and Lumen5 FREE video maker a great new tool for simple videos.


OK this is such a big topic… just going to focus on what to do at a global level across media:

  1. Think like a brand (your biz page or you are a brand), how you name and position yourself is important, so consider this (again it’s partly about consistency)… when you’ve short-listed some ideas about naming yourself, BEFORE you go ahead and commit, check out the domain names you want to call it, is the dotcom actually available (this is now harder than choosing an actual Brand name), but MORE than this, grab a name that is also available available across as many media platforms as possible (even if not using to start, see if its free)… facebook, twitter, instagram, reddit, flickr, pinterest… etc… the more you can grab with the same name, the better…. Reason is, SEO… as soon as you start publishing content in any of these places, your name becomes logged and over time, you posting will generate some consistent tagging and hence the naming starts to work synergistically..
  1. If you write your own content eg sayings, posts etc, ‘name it’ – so if you write words, go log yourself as an author on www.GoodReads.com and others..(as a clue, check out ‘karon waddell’ on google – go on, just google a few pages different pages and see the social content delivered across platform.
  2. If you are serious, register your Brand… check out the Trademarks Registry, see if it’s available and get it PROTECTED… obviously this needs to be unique and cannot be a generic term (as it won’t be accepted). I’ve launched dozens of Brands and knowing your around Trademarks, Copyrights and IP can pay dividends in the long-run… I know it can be really confusing, but hey it’s all learnable!


Another Huge area, so this is just a taster, focussed on facebook ads

  1. Do this ASAP – Your advertising account might at some point get shutdown (facebook can be really annoying – just ask all those experts that have had this happen!)… CREATE 2 Business Manager Accounts…and each you can set up 5 different ad accounts.. so if the first account gets closed, then you have a fall-back – if you want to know how, go here create a new facebook biz account
  2. If you are wanting to target your audiences, there are some great ways to segment by interests, consumer groups etc.. so many to randomly choose, so this might help:   facebook targeting options

10. If you are targeting LOCAL business customers… treat it as a 2 step process (broad -> narrow). 1st Start with setting a geographic (zipcode/postcode) of say 10-15 miles/km and run a 20sec VIDEO to gain views (this is THE cheapest method as it only costs fractions per view)… run on fixed budget for say 3-7 days…after a while, you’ll be able to see the metrics… 2nd create a ‘look-a-like audience’ by focussing on 75% of video viewed.. it’s saying those are engaged and interested in what you are talking about, so you can then zero in on that type of audience… you should then be creating multiple ad sets (ie testing different sub-segments eg age, sex, whatever the 1st step is pointing you towards)… and run your 2nd ad with ‘Call-to-action’ objective of conversions…that’s how you can be much more efficient and save yourself wasted $$.

11. Bonus as I couldn’t stop at just 10… acronyms.. facebook ads can be confusing, so here is an aide memoire..

Click ->Facebook Glossary of Terms


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